‘Blooming Hands’ Opens Wed, Oct 7, 2PM

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TitlePage_ceramic2015 2015.10.7 (Wed) 2PM ~ 5PM

Opening Reception @ Kimreeaa Gallery Chungdam

<<Blooming Hands>>

한국도자재단과 경기콘텐츠진흥원이 주관하는 ‘청년작가 창업.창작지원’ 13명의 CeraMIX 입주작가 기획전, <Blooming Hands>오프닝이 김리아갤러리 청담점에서 개최됩니다.   Organized by Korea Cermics Foundation & Gyeonggi Content Agency, special exhibition of 13 CeraMIX Residency Artists, <Blooming Hands>’s Opening Reception will be hosted at Kimreeaa Gallery, Chungdam. | Kimreeaa gallery Chungdam 02.517.7713